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Obsession: VW Rabbit Caddy

I’ve been searching for a VW Rabbit Caddy (pickup) for the past few months, and although I’ve missed a few gems, I haven’t given up hope. There isn’t much you can’t do with a caddy, and with a bulletproof diesel engine, these babies will chug along for years. Here are a few prime examples I’ve been drooling over.

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This aint yo momma’s Saab!  I recently found out that one of my good friends has an old Sonett sitting on cinder blocks on the side of his garage.  If it wasn’t impossible to find parts, and I had the loot, I would definitely be riding low in a Sonett this summer.

More pics after the click.

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Vintage. Modern. Exotic.

Singer Vehicle Design has rolled out its first prototype, plainly named the “Singer 911,” at the Pebble Beach Concours d’Elegance last month. Based on an ’80s-era long-wheelbase 911 donor vehicle, the company strips each chassis to its bare shell for “reinvention” into what Singer calls a “celebration of the golden air-cooled era of the world’s […]

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71 Dodge Sportsman

Okay, so it probably drives like a block of wood and it certainly doesn’t seem like it would be the safest vehicle on the road. Moreover, I am definitely not convinced by the claim that it’s “extremely maneuverable” and “easy to park”. So why do I want it so bad. Maybe it’s the invitation to see them […]

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BMW Art Cars

BMW 3.0 Race Car with paint scheme by Frank Stella.

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