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The Born Losers

What more could you want from a film? Super-stylized hippies and bikers, great 60s cars, rat bikes¬†and Billy Jack! This was Tom Laughlin’s first appearance as Billy Jack, that sage, wandering, half-Indian, Vietnam War vet. Our very own B movie version of Kurosawa’s Yojimbo. Despite the violent exploitation, martial arts and corny dialogue, the story […]

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Flat Tracking: Then and Now

Flat Track 1970’s at Ascot Park Peoria TT Hotshoe, 2009 Hitting that jump at an angle doing 80-90mph is no joke!

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60s Triumph Gettin’ Some Air

My friends father gettin’ some air. Probably around 1965. Looks like maybe a Triumph T120.

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Lil’ Fauss and Big Halsey

“Fauss soups up the engines and Halsey’s a woman’s dream.” Flat track motorcycles, sexy ladies, and a soundtrack by Johnny Cash………….what more could you ask for?¬† If you can deal with watching Robert Redford with his shirt of for 95% of the movie, this is a must watch.

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Ride to Skate at FDR Park

Just got back from the 2010 Ride to Skate at FDR skate park in Philadelphia. What a strange mix. And I don’t mean the bikes! Skaters, hipsters, skatepunks and the occasional old-school biker. On the other hand, there were some really interesting bikes. Lots of bobbers and lots of flat track rubber.

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